Hi, I’m Zoë Smith 👋. I’m British but live in the Bahamas and Canada, which basically means I got so bored with drizzle I decided to build a life where the weather smacks you in the face every day before stealing your lunch.

When I’m not doing computer stuff, you can find me lifting at the gym, taking photos, looking at contemporary art, hiking, laminating dough or buying another pair of sneakers that I genuinely need.

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  • micro.blog for short coding diary entries and development reading links
  • goshdarnifcaseletsyntax.com, the if case let Swift syntax cheatsheet
  • AccessControlKitty, an Xcode extension to quickly change the access level of selected Swift code
  • Steadfast - a free app for the Apple Watch which helps keep your personal goals in mind. (It also has a Swift easter egg, if you’re into that kind of thing 😊.)